Sunday, June 02, 2013

Riverbend Park

Riverbend Park is located on Indiantown Road in Jupiter, Florida, just west of I-95 and the turnpike. It's easy to get to, has great parking, and miles of trails and waterways to explore. It's such a wonderful park, it's amazing that it is still uncrowded and peaceful. Mom and I found our way to the park almost by accident the first time. We had intended to meet up to knit and chat at another park but found that it was so crowded the police had literally closed the entrance to anyone else. I remembered having gone to Riverbend a few years ago, and we decided to check it out. On an impulse we rented bikes (only $10 for the day), and a new obsession was born.

Since that first trip, I've made it back to Riverbend Park almost every weekend where mom and I spend hours exploring the 15 miles of trails. We've seen deer, raccoon, owls, peacocks, woodpeckers, and many other birds and animals on our adventures. We've gotten better at avoiding trees, lakes, and other so-called-stationary obstacles. Both of us have our own bikes now, and we both continue to carry our knitting in the baskets although we have yet to actually stop and knit at the park. We haven't gone kayaking down the river yet, but you can bet that it's on our To Do list.


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