Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Planned bike rides

The official Ten on Tuesday topic today is "Your Favorite Ice Cream Toppings." Considering that I can't have ice cream anymore, having given up dairy in favor of feeling healthy, I thought I would do a different Ten on Tuesday topic.

Although it's raining and I won't be able to go biking today -- and I wasn't able to go biking yesterday because of the rain -- here's my list of 10 Planned Bike Rides.

1.  Riverbend Park, Jupiter. I love this park!

2.  Coolsa Park, Boynton Beach.  This park has only a 1 mile trail, and isn't nearly as beautiful as Riverbend. However, it's much closer to home so I can take my bike there after work for a quick ride instead of having to wait to have a full day to spend at Riverbend.

3.  Okeeheelee Park, West Palm Beach. This park is a nice compromise between the first two parks, both in size and location. If I get good at biking, I might even give the mountain bike tracks a try.

4.  Starbucks on Gateway Blvd. This would be a nice, quick ride just down the street to meet the girls for knitting on Saturday morning.

5.  Barnes and Noble, Congress Ave. A little further than Starbucks, and without the added incentive of fiber friends, but it would be a nice ride.

6.  FroYo, Congress Ave. Taking a bike ride to get frozen yogurt probably means I can't count the ride as exercise. Plus I'm not eating dairy anymore. Of course, there is a Smoothie shop in the plaza so I could go there instead. Then it's still exercise PLUS a treat!

7.  Midway Road, Port St. Lucie. This is a wonderful landscaped road near my mom's house with wide sidewalks that just begs for leisurely bike rides.

8.  Singer Island. There are two parks on either end of the causeway between the ocean and the inlet. I will probably wait for the off-season (I'm not ready to share a road with all the tourists), but I would love to start at one park and make my way down to the other end of the island to explore the second park.

9.  Dyer Park, West Palm Beach. This is not my favorite park, but it has the advantage of having a (slight) hill. When I get a little bit better at riding, it would be nice to give this a go. Plus it would give me an excuse to use my 3 speeds.

10.  Myakka State Park, Arcadia. When the children were little, we used to camp in Myakka quite a bit. It was great hiking the trails, so I imagine it would be even better exploring with the bicycle.

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