Friday, February 18, 2011

I've already been to high school, that's the biggest freak show of all. (Angela Hill)

Taunted, teased, and bullied, Monique climbs to the top floor to escape her misery. Jumping out the window, she lands in the middle of a freak show. There's Bella, the Disfigured, who was so sure that she was ugly that she decided to peel away the layers of skin looking for "the beauty inside her." There's Lilly, the fat lady, who starved herself, and Kitty the Cat Lady, and Sissy the Snake Lady, and my favorite Damien, the Illusionist/Demon. ("Who am I? Am I who I say I am or who you see?")

I thought Freak! was a really interesting undertaking for my daughter's drama club. I was really impressed at the amount of thought the kids put into their characters and the back story to each. Best of all, despite the last minute re-staging and mad scramble, they managed to pull off one heck of great show.

The cast of Freak! The lead was played by Jessica, one of my daughter's best friends. Becka played Bella. Maniacal Max was played by Tatyana who was totally amazing in the role, and who totally stole the show. Actually, all of the kids did great. (I loved Gaelle's pure southern accent as Lilly!)

This isn't a good video, unfortunately. I trying to discretely tape the show using my digital camera.. This was Becka's big scene. It was much better in person, when you could actually hear what she's saying. (Apparently my camera does video, but the microphone is virtually non-existent.)

We went out for ice cream to celebrate afterwards. Becka kept her make up on. She had a lot of people staring, and we overheard one couple talking about those crazy goth kids. LOL

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Hotshot Jonas said...

That's so cool. I'm a tenth grader and currently in Drama II and my group is putting on Freak by Angela Hill. Our set date to perform has not been set yet but we are working well on costumes and memorization. I play Bella the Disfigured and am so excited for this part. I watched the small snip-it you posted, and it gave me an even better idea on how to portray the character.