Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Energy and persistence conquer all things. (Benjamin Franklin)

I finished my Pettine shawlette, and it just needs to be blocked. Although I did give in to temptation and wear it one day just the way it is, and I got a lot of compliments.

Right now I'm working on the Special Olympic Scarf. I'm late getting to it, but there are still a few states that needs scarves. I just need to knit fast. Just for the record, I hate to knit scarves because they are really, really boring. It's the same 36 stitches over and over and over again. Actually, I'm doing this scarf in a double-knit pattern so it's the same 72 stitches over and over (36 stitches for each side, done at the same time). I do like to double-knit. And it's really impressive to muggles. I had several people sit down next to me on the beach in order to ask me to show them what I was doing. I even got one lady to try a couple of rows. (I was hoping that she'd keep going and finish the scarf, but her husband got impatient.)

I did start a pair of baby socks, but I don't think they should count as a real WIP. I only cast them on because I needed a project that I could carry around in my pocketbook.

* ~ * ~ *
Blanket Update:
38 squares in 32 days
(Status: Ahead of the game!)

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