Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tuesday, May 31st: Becca's Graduation

 Becca's graduation was held on Tuesday, May 31st. It was a really nice ceremony. Quick, since there were only about 100 graduating seniors from the small school she attended, but we really enjoyed watching the graduation. The vice-principal not only announced each graduate's name, but also their concentration and certifications. (The bigger schools - like the ones my older two went to -- just call out names quickly in order to get through the list.)

My mom was there to watch her youngest granddaughter graduate, and naturally my oldest daughter fly in from NYC.  Becca's father was there, too. In fact, the only ones missing were my sister's family but we decided not to let it ruin the day.

Becca will be attending the local state college in the fall. Thank goodness I have all summer to get used to the idea that my baby is a college-student.

My three children: PJ, Becca and Cari.

A proud Gramma April with her grandkids

PJ and Cari express their "surprise" at Becca's graduation. LOL!

Becca's mentor for the Take Stock in Children scholarship.

Becca needed to wear a white dress under the graduation gown, and I ended up making it. I had a little trouble getting the halter back to fit her properly, but I think it turned out wonderfully after all. In the picture you can't even see that I cheated and machine-stitched the hem. (I was running out of time, plus I really-really-really hate to hand-sew.)


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