Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adventures of a KIP Hunter

Becca had off from work today, so the two of us went off together to gather up a couple of KIP locations for me. I'm one of the founders and moderators of the Great Gold Coast KIP Hunt, and yet I only have logged in four points so far this week.

I had an overdue book, so we started off at the library. I was good and only choose one book to bring home with me. Not that I really was trying to be good. It's just that I still have "A Game of Thrones" to read this week, and I really just wanted to sit and knit in order to get my point. I found a nice, comfortable corner where I managed to finish the pink ruffled scarf. I got a lot of compliments on it, too. Once the Flamenco scarf was finished, I started right in on a scarf for the Special Olympics.

Our next stop was across the street for lunch at the Gardens Mall. I sent Becca off to Starbucks for some coffee, first, which gave me a chance to sit and work on the Special Olympic Scarf. After lunch, we sat in the food court while I worked on my second sock (my "purse project").

After eating, we felt adventurous so went decided to head downtown. We caught the trolley at CityPlace, earning a Public Transportation point for me in the KIP Hunt. The ride was nice and breezy, and we saw some really interesting art along the way. I only managed to get one picture, since my hands were busy with the knitting and I couldn't put it down in time to pull out the camera.

We rode the trolly to Clematis Street, where I got to knit at the Fountains. This is one of my favorite places to bring out-of-town visitors, especially if they have children. I do not recommend knitting in the fountain; it's much more comfortable to take advantage of the lounge chairs on the nearby patio.

After a while we got bored watching the kids play in the water and since we hadn't brought towels with us (which meant we really couldn't join them), Becca and I decided to go off and find another point. We figured in such a history-rich location as downtown West Palm, it shouldn't be hard to find an interesting historical location.

We found a playground! There were no children around for me to entice with yarn, but at least I got a picture. I got a lot of knitting done, too, since Becca refused to help me down from the jungle gym. What a brat! She knows I'm afraid of heights! But I had my knitting to keep me occupied, so I wasn't too worried. I knew that she would get bored before I would. Sure enough, she ended up helping me down so that we could continue our exploring.

By the time we found our historical location, the old county courthouse, it was closed. It's a shame, too, because there was a sign advertising their current exhibit - The Barefoot Mailman. Now that I know how to get to the old courthouse, I'm going to have to make a trip out there to see the exhibit. Today, I settled for knitting on the front steps.

Then it was back onto the trolly, to head home.

Except, we didn't really go right home. There was a Michaels along the way, so I stopped to check out the yarn. (I behaved myself. Mostly.)

I actually got to knit more than I planned at Michaels. They had a Make It/Take It class that was just getting started when we arrived, and Becca decided it was her turn to have fun. So we stayed while she made a duct tape wallet.

Tomorrow, Becca has to work a double shift so it's just me. I'm thinking the beach. Or maybe the zoo...

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