Sunday, January 09, 2011

Yoi otoshi o!

The Morikami Museum held its annual Oshogatsu Festival to celebrate the New Year. I was looking forward to going, especially because the first of the year's tea ceremonies would be demonstrated. I really enjoy watching the tea ceremony.

I knew even before I got to the museum that I wouldn't get the chance to see the tea ceremony. The cars were lined up, waiting to turn into the road before the museum. I was directed to park several fields away from the normal parking lot. I followed the crowd to the main entrance, feeling very smug that I wouldn't have to wait in line to buy a ticket since I had a membership to the museum. Unfortunately, I still had to battle my way through the crowd in order to reach the front door and show my pass.

It didn't get any better once I was inside. All of the shows and classes were sold out. The crowds around the demonstrations made it impossible to see or even hear anything (including the musicians). There were so many people, it was even difficult to walk the pathways through the gardens.

I lasted about 10 minutes before giving up (after being run over by three separate strollers and bumped by at least a dozen people trying to pass me on the path) and I just went home to have a cup of tea in peace.

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