Wednesday, January 05, 2011

One half of the world can not understand the pleasures of the other. (Jane Austen)

These are all the projects I managed to knit in 2010. I didn't do too bad. I didn't finish all the projects in my queue, but that's because the queue is constantly growing and changing. (You can see the entire list in the "Fiber Notes - 2010" page by using using the tab at the top of the blog.)

There are a couple of people that I made items for this past year that I have decided are no longer knit-worthy. For instance, my youngest daughter no longer gets hand-knit socks. I'll knit her hats and mittens and sweaters and whatever else, but no more socks. Anyone who wears hand-knit socks without shoes to walk the dog does not deserve hand-knit socks. No matter how much she likes them.

I'm also crossing off everyone that I knit something for that never used the item. Why bother knitting a baby sweater, shawl, or a fancy hat if it's just going to sit in the closet and never get worn? Maybe I'm being a little hasty in marking a few people off the knit-worthy list; they might really love the item I sent them. But I haven't seen any evidence of it. When my children were babies and I received a gift, I used to take a picture of them in the outfit and mail it with a thank you so that the person who sent the item knew how how cute the kids looked in it. With digital cameras and facebook, it would be even easier to send a picture so that I could see that the item fit and/or was appreciated. It's nice to hear "Oh, I loved the ____! Can you make me more?" But with all the work and love I put into knitting something, I truly want a picture so that I can enjoy seeing that results are being used.

Currently on my needles is still the Pettine shawl. I'm really glad that I frogged it from the size 6 needles and went with the size 7. I'm amazed at the difference the one size makes. I made it past the halfway point, and I'm working on the decreasing side of the triangle. I still love, love, love this pattern! It's such an easy knit, but looks like such fancy lacework for the trim.

One of my goals for 2010 was to knit one block a day for the Sock Blanket. I managed to add 212 squares, for a total of 387 squares completed (40% of the blanket). I'm going to keep the same goal for this year, and I'll try to update my progress. I'm already off to a good start: I've finished 5 squares in 4 days.

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