Monday, January 10, 2011

People age even when you're not looking. (Randy K. Milholland)

My baby turned 17 today. It doesn't seem possible; I know that it was only yesterday that she was running around in her underwear, fussing because she wanted to color and she couldn't find her crayons and coloring book. Oh wait, it really was only yesterday.

Seriously, I somehow managed to ignore the fact that my children weren't always going to be children. With the older ones, I comforted myself with the idea that I still had my baby. The problem is that my baby is 17, and will be graduating high school in four months. Then she'll be into college, and I'll be left trying to figure out who I am when I'm no longer mommy.

But the cool thing is that my daughter is still the same person she's always been, even if she is older now. She's self-confident, strong-willed, compassionate, and she's willing to take a stand and fight for what she believes is right. She has a wonderful sense of humor, even if it is a little wacky. Best of all, she is able to get along with just about everyone without ever giving up who she is.

Happy birthday, sweetie. And no, you're not getting a car for your birthday.

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