Saturday, May 22, 2010

You try to give away what you want yourself. (Lois McMaster Bujold)

Have I mentioned that I'm in a swap on Ravelry? The theme is Virtual Vacation, and I'm supposed to send off a box to someone of yarn and other treats from my area as if the person had been visiting me on vacation. (Somebody else will be sending a similar box of goodies to me.) So I had a wonderful excuse to go shopping today.

My first stop was Yarn It! in Fort Pierce. I really love this shop. Celeste has gotten in a little more stock, but the main draw is the alpaca and other spinning supplies. I was able to pick up two items for my swap box. I was very good, and resisted buying more roving for myself even though I was tempted.

Since I was in Fort Pierce on a Saturday anyway, I had to go over to the Farmer's Market. Just to look, of course. I came away with two more items for the box, and a loaf of cheesy bread for breakfast.

On the way home, I stopped at Knit or Knot in Jupiter (it was only a little out of the way, and I am my grandmother's child) for more treats for the swap box. And even though I tried really hard, I didn't find anything to bring home for myself. The Malibrigo lace was very tempting, and so was the Louet Linen. But I have yarn for four shawls already in my queue, so getting more shawl yarn sounded unrealistic even to me. I was also very tempted by some of the sock yarn (they have the best selection), but again it seemed unrealistic given the amount of sock yarn already in my stash.

My next stop was at Debois Park, since I was already in Jupiter. But the park was so crowded, I changed my mind about sitting and knitting by the water. Maybe I'll try again one afternoon during the week.

So I just came home, and knit another chart's worth on my Aeolian shawl while watching Firefly.

Today has definitely made up for yesterday.


Paula L said...

wow you had a super busy day!

i love the colors on your Aeolian btw

and since you say Knit or Knot has Malabrigo Lace i may have to make a trip!

ValarieEdmon靜宜 said...

很精彩的部落格 期待你的繼續加油........................................

Sandi said...

Translation from Valarie:

Very exciting blog looking forward to your continued refueling

My reply:

Thank you!