Sunday, January 01, 2006

Things are always at their best in the beginning. (Blaise Pascal)

It's the first day of the new year, and the possibilities are endless. This year, I can finally get organized, lose weight, relax more and stress less. I make no resolutions, but I have started a list of short-term and long-term goals.

As far as celebrating New Year's Eve itself, I had a very nice, very relaxing evening. It was just my son and I, since the girls both had plans. We rented a couple of videos, and I made cookies. After seeing the New Year in, I indulged myself with a late night bubble bath.

This picture of my bath, by the way, is this week's entry for
Brookston's Photo Scavenger Hunt. We were looking for "something bubbly" with bonus points if the bubbles contained alcohol. (Drats! I should have had that glass of wine that I thought about...) It's the first week of the new hunt, and I'm excited to be taking part in the challenge. Wish me luck!

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