Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege. ( Unknown)

I would really love to have some of Checker's new "Fully Loaded Fries." Those things are good! And I'm really hungry, having skipped dinner to go to work on time. But I refuse to give Checkers any of my money after they were so stupid at my last visit.

I went there last week with Cari, and we both ordered combo meals. Since the sign said we could "fully load your combo for an additional charge," that's what we ordered. Only to be told that we couldn't have the loaded fries with a combo, we would have to order it separately. I pointed out the sign said we could do it for the extra charge, and yet the manager still insisted it was impossible to do. All it would have taken was to ring in our "combo" meal as separate items -- the sandwich, the loaded fries and the drink. But according to the manager this couldn't be done because we hadn't ordered separate items, we had ordered a combo meal.

I gave up. And that's why I'm fixing a sandwich for dinner, instead of stopping at Checkers.
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