Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul. (Oscar Wilde)

On Sunday I talked about my visit to Yarn It in Ft. Pierce. These are the pretties that I bought for myself. The alpaca is unbelievably soft! I have 8 ounces total, which should be enough to make a nice shawl or shrug. I may even try a short sleeved sweater. I really want to start spinning them now, but I have several projects sitting in the spinning basket ahead of them.

I did get the first 4 ounces of white wool plied together. I think it's going to really bloom once I set the ply, so I won't list the yardage or WPI yet. But it is a nice worsted weight, and incredibly soft. The first bobbin of singles for the next 4 ounces is spun, and I'm keeping it pretty consistent with the first skein. I'm proud of my control. Spinning solid white is visually boring (I really like the hand-dyed rovings, with the always-changing colors as you spin), but the incredible softness of this roving makes up for it. It is going to be really difficult to give this yarn away.


Sungopolis said...

Why must you give the yarn away? And if you do, where can I sign up?

Paula L said...

it really is as soft as it looks, both of them, the alpaca is just yummy!!

i might have to get some of the lighter color, almost apricot, to make something for my mom

Sandi said...

Sungopolis - I have to give the white yarn away because I promised it to somebody almost a year ago. It's incredibly overdue.

But I do like spinning for friends... it gives me an unselfish excuse to play with fiber instead of doing housework.

Sungopolis said...

Housework = bah!

Spinning for friends = big-ass grin