Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell. (Unknown)

I waited with bowls of candy, but we only had a couple of children come trick-or-treating. So I guess that the kids and I are going to be able to claim the chocolate and the Skittles for ourselves. (I hope I sound appropriately saddened by that.)

Seriously, I am disappointed that there weren't more children out tonight. Our neighborhood has a lot of families, so I expected to have quite a number of visitors. Earlier the weather threatened to get nasty (there's a tropical storm out to the east of us), but it turned out to be just a little breezy and a smattering of raindrops. I guess parents must have decided to play it safe anyway, keeping their children home, or taking them to one of the many indoor Halloween activities offered around here.

While waiting for a knock on the door, I sat and knit. I managed to turn the heel on Becky's Christmas stocking, which was pretty exciting. The short row heel worked out nicely. I did a double wrap, using bits and pieces I picked up on internet tutorials. (I'd love to give exact credit, but I looked at so many sites that I don't remember whose I actually used.)
NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) starts tomorrow, and once again I've joined in. This is the year that I actually succeed in posting something everyday in November. I might have to give up the quotes, though. It takes so long to find an appropriate one each time. And I really need to be as effective as possible with the blogging since I'll have limited time: I'll be adding a second job in November (another behavioral case), as well as slipping off to New York to visit with my daughter for a weekend. At least I should have material to write about!

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