Thursday, October 04, 2007

Instant gratification takes too long. (Carrie Fisher )

I'm not obsessive compulsive. Honest, I'm not. But I can see how someone might get the idea that I am. After all, I decided that I wanted to try to do two socks on two circular needless (even though I've never used circular needles and the only toe-up sock I made wasn't exactly a roaring success). I spent most of yesterday evening and this afternoon, looking for a tutorial online. I finally gave up, and just figured it out based on the bits and pieces I did find (especially Cat Bordhi's socks on two circulars video on youtube, and Judy's Magic Cast-on directions in

Then, even though it was dinner time, I started my socks. I was just going to cast on and do one, maybe two rows. Only the *needles got tangled up, then the yarn got tangled up, then the socks were twisted (continue to repeat from * ad nauseum). I just had to continue to knit a couple more rows to see if it was going to work out. The kids finally gave up waiting for me, and had their dinner. (Is there such a thing as yarn orphans?)

Around row 20, the socks suddenly started to make sense. So of course I had to keep knitting, just for the fun of it. But only for a few more rows. Well, maybe until the toe increases were done. But it would be nice to see how the pattern was going to work out on the instep... Suddenly it was after midnight. (I think the kids said goodnight to me before they went to bed; I was trying to calculate out the pattern stitches, though, so I can't be sure.)

Since it was so much later than I had planned to stay up, I knew I had to stop and go to bed. After all, I have work in the morning. Of course, I needed to take a picture of the socks for Ravelry. And once I had the picture, I might as well take the couple of minutes to post it. And the picture had to be explained. And if I had time to post in Ravelry, I have time to post here on my blog.

But obsessive compulsive? Nope, not at all...

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