Friday, April 13, 2012

A red scarf for recognition

I haven't been doing much of anything lately. I go to work, and stay way too long. (At this point, my job owes me 48 hours of comp time. I'm taking off a week to spend with my daughter, and I'll still have 2 days plus my 2 week vacation this year.) Then I go and knit at the Barnes & Noble, or at the library. I think I'm just trying to avoid going home each day, where there's too much cleaning to be done and not enough room to accomplish anything. I still think I could really love my apartment, if I only had less furniture and boxes. (It's odd to say I want less furniture, since I really need a dining room table and a couch. But there isn't any room for the necessary stuff with a large dresser, four end  tables, and two looms taking up all the space.) But I don't mean to whine.

I actually just meant to do an introduction for a kniterary reference I found. You see, while knitting I've been reading. The Nook tablet is wonderful for that, since you don't have to  hold it open to the page and it can be easily propped up to a comfortable reading angle. One of the books I've been reading (I still have the bad habit of having several books going at once. Start-i-tis doesn't only affect my knitting.), is The Night Circus. I was very surprised to find this kniterary passage:

While they wait for the train Elizabeth takes out her knitting needles and a  skein of deep red wool. ...
The train arrives shortly after the sun has fully risen, and on the way to Boston the stories continue, while  Elizabeth knits and Lorena props her head up sleepily on her arm.

I love that this minor character, Elizabeth, just automatically pulls out her knitting while they wait for the train. Her companion is bored (Lorena props up her head), but Elizabeth goes on to finish a red scarf that she then randomly gives to a fellow traveler. The Night Circus is a wonderful book full of mystery and magic and populated with people that I could never be; and then suddenly there's Elizabeth, who briefly interacts with these fantasy people and gives me hope for my own normal life. I think Elizabeth is my new hero. And how appropriate that she is named Elizabeth, after the knitting superstar Zimmermann!

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