Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday's Favorite Thing

I love listening to podcasts. I can plug my ipod into my car radio, so I listen whenever I'm driving. I also get to listen to the podcasts when I'm waiting on Becka to get out of work. I don't often listen at home, just because it's too noisy to hear over the kids' music and shows. But I manage to get in quite a few of my favorite podcasts each week.

Here is a list of my current favorite podcasts:
  • BarknKnit - Okay, she hasn't put out an episode since last October, so I should probably take her off this list. But I keep hoping she'll get time to start up again.
  • BeanKnits and Spins - This is another podcast that I should probably take off the list. She stopped podcasting back in 2006. But she did put up an episode in January 2011, stating that she was going to start again. I hope so. I love her New York attitude.
  • Betty in the Sky With A Suitcase - This is one of my non-knitting podcasts. Betty is an airline hostess, and she tapes stories told by her co-workers about their adventures in the air. It's a lot of fun to listen to.
  • Escape Pod - This is another non-knitting podcast. Mur Laffity is the editor (I love her writing!), and each weekly podcast is a short science-fiction/fantasy story. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this podcast, but I got hooked quickly.
  • High Fiber Diet - Coggie is one of my all-time favorite podcasters.
  • Insubordiknits Podcast - Another podcast that I should take off the list, since there hasn't been an episode since 2009. But I keep hoping.
  • KIPing it Real
  • Knaked Knits - Their last podcast was December 2010, so there's still hope that it will come back.
  • Knit Obsessions with Zknits
  • Knitters Uncensored - There isn't any hope that this is coming back. They ended the podcast in 2008. But it was good enough to keep on my list.
  • Knitting Pipeline - I just started listening to this podcast, but I really like it. It's knitting, Zimmermann, nature notes and bagpipes.
  • Knitwit: Rantings of a Rabid Knitter - This is another of my all-time favorites. She's starting to get away from the knitting content, but I still enjoy listening to her.
  • Manic Purl Podcast
  • The Moth Podcast - This is a non-knitting podcast, but should be a must for everyone who enjoys a good story. It's personal stories, told live onstage. Someday I'm going to go to a live Moth show in New York City.
  • Never Not Knitting
  • Pub Songs Podcast - Irish music with a comedy bent. Enough said.
  • Socks int he City - She stopped podcasting in 2009. But maybe she will come back. Please.
  • Stitch It! - I've been listening to Megan for years, and I feel like we're best friends. Even though she doesn't have a clue that I exist.
  • Subway Knits - This is a new podcast, started just before I started mine. She's better than I am.

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