Monday, March 07, 2011

Just another teenager

Do you remember this cute little guy? I haven't mentioned him in a while. Mainly because I try to ignore the fact that despite my better judgement, I actually agreed to let my son get this dog.

I will even go ahead and admit that when Rocky entered our family, I thought he was adorable. He was little and cute, and I had fun taking him out on walks and playing with him. When I sat on the couch, Rocky would curl up in my lap, giving my lots of love and slimy kisses.

No matter how cute they are, and no matter how hard you wish it wasn't so, babies always grow up.

Rocky is now the dog equivalent of a teenager. He's all long legs and clumsy enthusiasm. Naturally, he is able to do things now that he couldn't do as a puppy. He will follow simple commands, as long as he is in the mood or is sufficiently bribed with a treat. He plays ball, and will keep it going for as long as he can con you into playing with him. (I tend to think of his tennis ball as the dog version of an X-Box.) He eats each meal as if he's just been rescued from starving on the streets. And he will still try to cuddle on my lap and give me wet, slimy kisses - unless he's too busy ignoring me because the "cool" kids (PJ and Becka) are around.

So maybe he is still adorable.

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