Friday, March 05, 2010

One of my favorite things right now is The Moth Podcast. It's one of the few non-knitting podcasts that I listen to, and the only podcast that my daughter will listen to with me.

The Moth ( is a not-for-profit storytelling organization out of New York City. They hold regular events in New York (as well as a few on-the-road locations) that have featured people getting up and telling their story without the benefit of a script or even notes. The weekly podcast is a story taken from one of the live events.

Today it's actually a double-favorite thing. Because one of the recent episodes was The Italian Stallion. The storyteller is Janice Bartley, who tells the story of the first time she fell in love. Ms. Bartley, by the way, has cerebral palsy.

I loved the story. It had love, laughter, and a happy ending. And I thought it was a wonderful reminder that the people I work with every day are people with the same feelings and emotions as the "normal" population.

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