Thursday, March 04, 2010

Jesus is coming. Look busy! (Anonymous)

Ravelympics ended last Sunday, and I didn't win the gold medal for my event. I didn't even come close. In my group (the squirts, with 31-stitch squares), the gold medalist was Stashmore with 144 completed squares. The silver went to Sherongb with 142, and the bronze medal belongs to SingingCats who finished 137 squares. With those numbers, I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I finished 45 squares. But I'm looking at the positive side; that's 45 squares more than I had before and almost 5% of the total blanket. So even if I didn't get a gold medal, I'm very happy with my Bobaward for the Giant Slalom-ghan.

With Ravelympics over, I'm back to doing other knitting. Tuesday I had the opportunity to complete my very first Random Act of Knitting. There was a training meeting downtown, and of course I took along my needles and yarn. I decided to cast on a baby hat, since that's a project I can do while still concentrating on the meeting. I cast on when I first got to the site, and was finished with the first baby hat about an hour and a half later (midway through the training). I wove in the ends, then turned and handed the hat to the lady sitting next to me. She had brought her newborn with her since he was only a week old. When I gave her the hat, she just stared at me, dumbfounded. (I wish I could say amazed, but her expression was closer to dumbfounded.) But she put the hat on the baby, and later I overheard her telling people, "She just made it, just now, for me. I don't know who she is, but isn't it beautiful?" After giving away the first hat, I cast on a second one. I managed to knit most of it before the meeting's end, and finished it off at home Tuesday night.

My "real" knitting for the week, though, is the traveling vines socks. I've managed to finish the legs, turn both heels, and get through the gussets. I'm really happy with how they're turning out. Even though I still haven't managed to memorize the 12 round lace pattern, it's starting to come to me quicker. I figure I can have these finished in the next couple of days.

Which means that pretty soon I have to decide on my next knitting project. I'm determined to stick to my queue, which still gives me a large number of possibilities. Help me out and leave a comment with what you think I should work on next, please. (You can find the queue under the "Fiber Notes" link above this post.


Paula L said...

I vote French Press Slippers!! (but with a 90 item was a tough choice!)

Sandi said...

Thanks, Paula. The long queue is the reason I needed help!

So my next project will be the French Press slippers. Yeah!