Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Tuneup

Congratulate me. I've made it one full week on Weight Watchers.

I did Weight Watchers a year ago, and lost a little over 70 pounds. I love the program, because it's easy to follow. Basically, you can eat anything you want as long as you remember to record and track your points. There are daily points that you have to eat, plus weekly points in case you need a little extra or want to splurge.

But after doing the plan faithfully for about eight months, I decided to give myself a couple of weeks off. Then it was a month. Then two. Seven months later (and 30 pounds back on) I finally got myself back on track. I finally convinced myself that there was going to be a "better time" to start; that my life was always going to have stress, or an upcoming celebration, or long hours at work and little time to eat right, or whatever. And although it shouldn't have surprised me, being back on Weight Watchers was really pretty easy. Best of all, I've already lost 4 pounds.

I will confess that yesterday (day 8), I did goof up. I didn't get to eat much at lunch, and then stayed late at work. By dinnertime, I was so hungry that I threw everything out the window and stopped at Jersey Mike's. I ate an entire giant cheese sub all by myself. Then topped it off with TWO low-fat ice cream bars. When I finally came to my senses, I figured up my points and found that I ate more than an entire day's points in the one meal.

But I put it in my log, counted up the points and thanks to the weekly splurge allowance I am still doing okay. I just have to be good the rest of the week.

And in a way it's a good thing, because it's inspired me to start exercising. I can earn extra Activity points, which would mean that I can still have a small splurge later on this weekend IF I exercise everyday during the week. I'll let you know how I do in the next Tuesday Tuneup.


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Sungopolis said...

Keep it up, Sandi. Woohoo!