Thursday, January 28, 2010

If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane. (Jimmy Buffett)

I've had a lot of fun spinning this past week. Sunday I was at Barnes and Noble with my friend Lisa. Then last night Faith and I both brought our wheels to knit night.

Faith and I were in a mood, too. We had met for dinner first and decided that after all the stress we've both faced recently, we really needed to let it all out and be wild. So we showed up to knitting night with matching tattoos.

Pretty cool, huh? We thought we were all that plus a chocolate shake. (Sorry. One of my co-workers uses that phrase, and I liked it.)

Maybe I should tell you the rest of the story...

We were eating dinner at Moe's, which is one of our favorite places for Mexican. (They make really great burritos and quesidillos, although thanks to WW I discovered that their salads are pretty wonderful, too.) They had the rub-on tattoos sitting on the counter as a give-away for the kids. Faith and I each took one, and after we ate we headed for the bathroom to apply them.

Now understand, the restroom is not a multiple-person room with stalls. It's a one toilet bathroom. But since we only needed the sink to wet a towel for the tattoos, it didn't matter. So we're in the restroom, giggling and laughing at our own silliness when someone knocks on the door. Faith calls out, "We'll be out in just a second." Without thinking, I corrected her. "Make that 30 seconds." (Well, that's how long you were supposed to leave the wet cloth on the tattoo.) At that, we both started giggling all over again.

You can probably imagine the look on the face of the woman waiting when we left the bathroom. Especially when we stopped and showed off our new tattoos to her.

Yeah, and the girls at knitting were mighty impressed, too. (As were my co-workers this morning, when I kept pulling down my neckline to show them the new tat.)

Oh, and just in case you were wanting to see what I spent all that time this week spinning, it's BFL from Yummy Yarn. I don't know what the color is called. This is roving that I'm spinning for one of my knitting friends. She bought the roving, and I get the fun of spinning it up. I had split the roving lengthwise into thirds (not an easy thing to do, by the way), and I'm spinning each ply really fine. It's about 40 wpi, and I'm staying pretty consistent. I'm hoping that 3-plied it will be a nice fingering weight. I'm a little concerned about yardage; it barely seems like anything is on the bobbin and I've finished two of the four ounces. Maybe it doesn't look like much because it's so fine. But I'm still very pleased with myself on how nice it's spinning up.

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