Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Every composer knows the anguish and despair occasioned by forgetting ideas which one had no time to write down. (Hector Berlioz)

Remember this cute little guy from the other day? This is the completed Sackboy, made for an old friend. My friend had asked me if I would knit this toy for his wife's birthday, and even though I had no idea what a Sackboy was, I said yes. (Sackboy is a character from the video game Little Big Planet -- just in case you were wondering.) It's the first toy I've ever knitted, and it was a lot of fun. Plus he turned out to be adorable.

My son's friend saw me knitting Sackboy and asked me to knit him a Gir. Since my son and his friends have never been interested in my knitting before, I couldn't resist saying "YES, OF COURSE!" (The capitals are intentional -- I was so excited to have one of the boys interested in knitting that I did actually shout the answer.) I have no idea what a Gir is, but thanks to the wonderfulness that is Ravelry, I found a pattern for it. Then my daughter reminded me that I had promised to knit her an elephant, so there are now two more toys on my knitting queue.

I finished the shawl for my friend, just in time for her surgery. When I gave it to her this morning, she cried. Which made me feel bad, but she said that she loved the shawl and it was the perfect thing to take with her to and from the hospital. I really like the LaLa's Simple Shawl pattern that I used. This shawl took 2 1/2 skeins of Bernat Satin Sport. I probably could have made it larger by one more stripe, but I wanted to bind off to give it away today. My friend is going in for pre-op tomorrow and surgery on Friday and I wanted her to have it.

I didn't do any blocks this week for my Sock Blanket, but I managed to finish one preemie hat for charity. Nothing fancy, just a simple cap in a variegated baby yarn.

Getting all this knitting done is one of the benefits of being forced to sit in the car, waiting on the children. It's not easy to schedule everything when there are two teenagers and myself sharing one car. But as long as I'm getting to knit, I guess I won't complain too much.

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Paula L said...

Remind me that i have about 200yds of Bernat Sox in Denim for your sock blanket

and Sackboy is freaking awesome!