Sunday, May 31, 2009

It has all been very interesting. (Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, last words)

The third episode of our podcast, Spun in the Sun, was posted today, and since I had to work on the show notes I went ahead and updated my ipod with the rest of the podcasts I listen to. I've been trying to listen to each podcast from the beginning, but that's just about impossible. So today I made the decision to only listen from May forward (or in the case of future subscriptions, from the current episode on). This means I'll miss a lot of the history and insider comments, but at least I won't be forever feeling like I'm a couple of steps behind. It's amazing how liberating it is, clearing the old podcasts off my ipod.

I've been trying to declutter lately. Yesterday, I cleaned out my bathroom. I was able to get rid of the outdated medicines, old makeup that I'll never use (even if it's still almost full), perfumed lotions that I can't use because of my allergies (even if they were expensive), and various other sundries that I've been hanging onto "just in case." I found three new boxes of tissues that I hadn't realized were in there, which means I didn't need to carry around the roll of toilet paper for my stuffy nose when I had the flu. I also found several tubes of toothpaste, six bottles of conditioner, and two things of toilet bowl cleaner. I gave away over 100 pairs of earrings. (Amazingly, I still have over 50 pairs left.)

The kitchen is next...

No talking, please, this is a test.

Life may have just gotten a little more interesting.

Actually it isn't so much more interesting as it is just a bit more postable. (Is that a word?) If this makes it onto the blog, it means I no longer have an excuse not to blog everyday. I treated myself to a new phone with a built-in keyboard, and I think I figured out the mobile feature for blogger. At least I hope so, after typing all this as a quick test.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Nom Nom Nom Nom, Nom Nom Nom

I came home from work tonight tired, battered, and bruised. I mean that quite literally. For the past three days, my day-guy has alternated between complete lethargia and flat-out running. One moment he's asleep, the next he's racing through the building -- and there's no warning. My other guy was so happy to see me (I haven't been there in three weeks), that he managed to give me a black eye and several major bruises.

Because I was tired and sore, and because I'm still upset at missing knit night thanks to my children, I was perfectly prepared to write a whiney, self-pitying post. Luckily, I came across this video:

It's impossible not to smile after that.

Monday, May 25, 2009

It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes. (Douglas Adams)


1. PJ is officially a high school graduate. He has his diploma and everything. I'm so proud. And extremely relieved. Becka and I are planning a party to celebrate PJ's graduation, and to give everyone a chance to see him before he leaves for boot camp. We're even going to send invitations. (Hey, this is big. I almost never plan a party enough time ahead to get the invitations mailed.) Just in case I miss you and you want to come, please give me a hollar. (We're not experienced invitation mailers, so I thought I'd throw that in here.)

2. Michelle and I were finally able to get together and record another podcast episode. So Spun in the Sun should be updated by Wednesday -- be sure to listen!

3. Jacey, aka Insubordiknit, is going to be holding a spinning workshop in NYC in August. This is a definite possibility for me, and I'm already getting excited about going. Just think -- I might actually get to learn how to use my spinning wheel!


1. I think my shower has a leak. Twice now there's been a puddle of water in the kitchen, and this time we saw water stain on the ceiling. Now I have to stop procratinating and get the rugs replaced so that I can call the landlord to look at the leak.

2. My daughter and her friend are grounded for the week (or longer). They decided to sneak out of the house the other night. They only got caught because my son went down for a drink of water and noticed the door was unlocked. The girls got snagged when they tried to break in (which they thought would be safer than calling and waking me up). My son, who was getting his phone to call 9-1-1 on the break in offered to finish the call for their murders.


1. I found a home for Millie, and they took her this weekend. It's a good thing, actually the best thing for Millie. She needs a family that can afford to take care of her properly and that has the time to devote to her. But it has been one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. Just thinking about it makes me start to cry again. (And the kids aren't talking to me.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday's WIPs and FOs

It's been a month since I've talked about knitting, so let me catch up with what I've been doing. Naturally, I've done several baby hats for the charity group.

I did cheat, and crochet a few instead of knitting them. Crocheting is so much quicker, and I just wasn't keeping up with the one-hat-per-week goal when I tried to knit each one.

I've decided to take a break from knitting/crocheting the baby hats. It really shouldn't feel like such a chore. I feel bad for not being able to make my (self-imposed) quota, but I also want to be able to knit love and joy into the hats. And really, I've gotten to the point of really resenting that I'm spending more time knitting baby hats instead of making "fun" items. So I'm going to take a break, catch up on some of the things I've got already on the needles.

I've reached the same conclusion with the washcloths. They're fun and quick to make, but they've become the only thing I'm making. And since I'm making the same patterns over and over, it's getting to be a chore rather than something I'm doing because I enjoy it. So no more quota knitting of any type.

Although I really did like knitting this garterlac pattern.

I finally finished the dishtowel for myself. It's been sitting in my unfinished pile since Christmas, waiting for the stupid button. The button that only took three minutes to sew on. (Sigh) I'm not as good at finishing as I am with casting on.

I also finished a gift that's been waiting for buttons. I can't post the picture yet because I still haven't mailed it off. But trust me, it's adorable!

Since I decided that I was not going to cast on any more projects until I finished everything I've already cast on, I immediately started a new crochet project. (Well, I didn't cast it on so I didn't break my promise.) This one finished up quickly, in less than five days, and I really like it. I had bought three balls of the Sugar N Creme, but it only took about 1 1/2 balls. So I can make another one. But not until I finish something else. (Unless I get desperate for a new project again.)

I finally finished my Everyday Shawl. I love, love, love it! Even though I had to reknit most of it. It was so easy to make, and looks so pretty. I'm wearing it right now, as a matter of fact.

I've also been adding to the Sampler Sock Blanket. My friend, Faith, is working on one and she's inspired me to get moving on mine. Of course, she took the sensible route and is making a reasonably-sized afghan instead of a full queen-sized bedspread. At least somebody learns from my insanity.

Since the blanket is too big to be carried around in my pocketbook, I've pulled two pairs of socks out of my unfinished projects to work on. I've got the Retro socks as a don't-need-to-think-as-I-knit project, and the Not Red and Black socks because I love the "wow" factor of doing colorwork.

I guess this'll keep me for a while...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. (Ivy Baker Priest)

I haven't done a Tuesday Tuneup in a while, so I thought it might be nice to share how I'm doing. Of course, it might have been nice if I had managed to get my haircut BEFORE the graduation -- this is a really horrible picture. But it's the first time I'm really seeing the difference in myself.

Which is a good thing, because recently I've been really discouraged. Even though I've lost a bunch of weight in the past nine months, and I've gone down five sizes, I really haven't been able to see a difference. Part of that, I know, is because I still have a totally skewered view of myself. For years I couldn't see the weight gain, and now I'm having trouble seeing any loss.

My second discouragement has to do with finally reaching my first major goal. I've gotten down to my pre-divorce weight, so you think that I would be over-the-hill thrilled. But apparently I'm a glass-half-empty person, because all I've been able to think about is that I'm only halfway to my final goal. I've been weighing, watching, giving up, being good for all this time and I still have another 50 to 60 pounds to lose. Don't get me wrong, I love that I was able to buy a bathing suit that looks cute on me. And I love that I'm starting to notice guys notice me. (Oh yeah, I really love that!) And I love that I can go into the regular clothes area with my mom or my daughter and find things to try on, instead of having to go off alone into the "women's" area to hope for something remotely stylish. But. Am I really only halfway to goal? After all this?

I was actually so discouraged, that I've basically given up on the dieting the past couple of weeks. I started skipping my Weight Watcher meetings, and "treating" myself to foods without recording them in my food diary. I stopped counting points (usually around lunchtime each day).

Tonight, though, I took myself in hand and went back to Weight Watchers. Okay, my daughter actually convinced me to go back, after I started to come up with another excuse to wait a week. It's a different meeting than I was going to, but I think this is really what I needed. I like the leader; she let the members bring up issues and then dealt with them.

So as of now, I'm starting over. Instead of looking back to compare what I've already done with what I still have to do, I'm just looking at the future. I'm going to celebrate the same goals (5%, 10%) that new members celebrate, based on today's weight. I'm going to be a fanatical in tracking and planning as I was back in September when I first started. And in a couple of months, I'll remember to cut my hair before I share the wonderful progress I've made.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Lost Power Orb has been found

My daughter and I were bored, so we went off letterboxing today. Despite a sunbathing muggle who had staked out a spot next to the hiding spot, we managed to safely log another find. There was even a hitchhiker inside, which we're planning on moving next weekend.

And I'll be back to the park later this week. That bench under the tree looks like the perfect knitting spot...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Congratulations, Graduates!

My niece graduated today. Technically my son has also graduated, although he isn't going to give me the satisfaction of the ceremony. (But I figure I won the big battle -- he stayed in school and got his high school diploma -- so I'm not going to fixate on the loss of a photo opportunity.)

Memories are, of course, the main focus of the day...

Both of the kids had graduation ceremonies when they were tiny. I think my neice's was kindergarten; I have pictures that my sister sent me at the time. PJ's ceremony was from the 4-year-old program, and of course he went off in his own direction instead of following everyone else as they marched in line.

Four years ago it was Cari's graduation, and we were looking ahead to college. I understood that. I could plan for that, and knew what to expect and shop for. Now it's boot camp, and the rules are different. I want to do towels and sheets, clothes, and even a computer. Instead there's a limited list (one pair of briefs, two pairs of white socks, a small black duffel bag, and the MEPs paperwork) and a long mom-list of worries.

It seems like only a short time ago that it was my friends and I sitting in the bleachers on the football field, waiting to toss our graduation caps. What I really want to know is how my mom ever agreed to a keg party in the park to celebrate... I guess she was just a whole lot cooler mom than I am. On the other hand, at least neither of the kids announced their engagement at the party. We were far too young to go off into the world as adults (no matter what we thought at the time). In fact, I'm still too young to have children going off into the world (no matter what they think).