Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Desperately in need of a fiber intervention

I sorted out my Works In Progress, and there are more than I realized. A lot more! I obviously have KADD (knitter's attention deficit disorder) with OS tendencies (obsessive startitis). Here is a list* of the projects I sorted out:
  1. Cabled cotton shawl - this is what I'm actively working on, and that I carry in my pocketbook
  2. Pink & gray baby sweater - only needs the buttons sewn on/baby has already outgrown it!
  3. Plarn doormats
  4. Earth colorway lace shawl with beads - not started yet
  5. Striped toy- need this for Christmas
  6. Candy print baby sweater - not started yet
  7. Monster pants - this is a promised gift that hasn't been started yet
  8. Ryan's arm warmers - he's already finished his tour of duty, sigh
  9. Silver potato chip scarf
  10. Black socks - not started yet
  11. Prayer shawl
  12. Animal hat - not started yet/need it for Christmas
  13. Wheat wool hat - not started yet/need it for Christmas
  14. Sheep sweater - just needs to been seamed and button band knit
  15. 12x12 square - not started and the deadline is approaching quickly!
  16. Pink chemo cap - not started yet
  17. Rose chemo cap - not started yet
  18. Skype socks in Jojo - not started yet
  19. Modea baby hat
  20. Woven towel sets - just need to be hemmed & 1 dishcloth knit
  21. Christmas towel sets - not started yet, but obviously needed for Christmas
  22. Cari's yarn to be untangled
  23. grey baby bib - only needs the button and patches sewn on
  24. girly baby bib  - only needs a button
  25. lime shawlette - needs to be blocked
  26. blue shawlette - needs to be blocked
Some of the projects aren't exactly WIPs, since I haven't started them yet. But since they've been promised or are needed as gifts and I have already have the yarn and patterns, I should count them as projects to do before I can go out and find new knitting.

I'm going to need help. Please don't show me your wonderful project, or the yarn that you bought - I'm too easily tempted. It would also help if everyone refrained from getting pregnant, cancer, or engaged until I get caught up. Thank you.

*The list only includes the projects I've sorted out so far. There are two more Rubbermaid tubs that I've decided to ignore until this group is finished. And it doesn't take into account any of the Spinning In Progress projects. Yes, it's definitely KADD with strong OS tendencies.

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