Thursday, September 26, 2013


I have become an app junkie! It is amazing all the wonderful things that I am finding out I can do with my iphone. Why did I wait so long to get one? 


This morning I discovered GasBuddy. Due to some rather annoying circumstances (gotta love family drama!), I spent the night at my mom's Tuesday. Which meant that I got to watch the morning news yesterday. The only thing I really miss about not having cable in my apartment is the local news. So I made sure that I was up early enough (4:00 am) in order to watch the news before I had to leave to drive to work (at 6 am). One of the things the news station did was list the cheapest gas stations in the area. They mentioned that this information was available on their website.

So this morning, I went looking for the best place to stop for gas on my way to work. The news station wasn't really a help, but they did lead me to a link for And just happens to have an app for the iphone! Happy dance!

You can either put in the city, state or the zip in order to find the best gas prices for a particular area or you can click a button to see what's close to your current location. I found out that there is a gas station only a little bit further from my apartment that is 2 cents cheaper than the gas station I've been going to. Two cents isn't a whole lot, I know. But if I can save a little bit of money without going out of my way, it makes sense to change stations. 

The site works a lot like in that it depends on members to provide data. People have the opportunity to update the information for a station. If there are people in the area participating on the website, the information is current. 

I've downloaded this onto my phone, and I'll see how well it works out. I also signed up for a profile, and I'll try to remember to add my 2 cents to the data. After all, it's worth at least that!

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