Sunday, September 01, 2013

August Reading List

Books Read in August

120 - 01  Wyatt:  Return of the Cowboy, by Cathy McDavid (8/1) 
121 - 02  The Cove, by Catherine Coulter (8/3)
122 - 03  The Maze, by Catherine Coulter (8/6)
123 - 04  The Target, by Catherine Coulter (8/9)
124 - 05  Riptide, by Catherine Coulter (8/12) 
125 - 06  Eleventh Hour, by Catherine Coulter (8/14) 
126 - 07  The Edge, by Catherine Coulter (8/16) 
127 - 08  Point Blank, by Catherine Coulter (8/18)
128 - 09  Blind Side, by Catherine Coulter (8/20)
129 - 10  Blow Out, by Catherine Coulter (8/20)
130 - 11  Double Take, by Catherine Coulter (8/22)
131 - 12  Tail Spin, by Catherine Coulter (8/24)
132 - 13   Whiplash, by Catherine Coulter (8/27)
133 - 14  Deception, by Amanda Quick (8/29)

I have approximately 350 books on my Nook that I haven't read yet. And yet I was always going to the library's website to download something to read. So I decided that I would go through my Nook's files, either reading or deleting the books. Since I had almost the entire series of Catherine Coulter's FBI mystery romances, I started with those books.

For the most part I've enjoyed them. Each mystery is wonderfully written. I was only able to guess the secret in two of the books and yet the answer is so obvious once you're told it. To me, that's what makes a great mystery -- an obvious answer that is obscured too much to guess. I enjoyed the romance of each book as well. The heroes are strong, handsome, smart, and they are always there ready to rescue the heroine. The heroines are beautiful, strong, and smart, and usually end up rescuing the heroes. I did get annoyed with the supernatural aspect that developed in Whiplash (book 14 in the series), mostly because that made me feel that Coulter was either selling out to the popular "vampire" and other-world genre that has been gaining popularity, or perhaps she's just running out of storylines and was stretching to find something new. I will be keeping this series on my Nook for possible future re-reads.

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