Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sock season is officially open

I finished the baby socks that I knit two-at-a-time on magic loop. With Tour-de-Sock quickly approaching, I wanted to practice this technique. I've always be a firm dpn lover, but who knows what they will throw at us for the competition. It was actually fun using the magic loop method. I think that having a decent circular needle made a big difference. I bought Addi turbos to use. When I had tried magic loop a few years ago, I probably only used the cheap cables from Joanne's, since back then I hadn't learned the joy of having good tools to knit with.

These socks are actually closer to a toddler size, rather than an infant. So I'm not sure who I'm giving them to. Put your bid in (to be paid in complements not cash) if you have a child they would fit.

As soon as the toddler socks were off the needles, I cast on the next pattern in Cookie A's Knit.Socks.Love. This is the Mona pattern, and I'm using Schoeller&Stahl Fortissima Colori Socka yarn out of my extensive stash. The pictures in the book really don't do this pattern justice. If I hadn't decided to knit my way through the book I probably would have skipped this pattern. And yet it's turning out to be a really nice lace pattern. At the rate I'm going, everyone I know is going to get socks for Christmas!
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Blanket Update:
207 squares in 256 days
(Status: So very far behind.)

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