Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MPKC 8/20

Recently I've been visited by the green-eyed monster. Because I belong to so many knitting groups, there is always someone who has just visited one of our LYS (local yarn shops) or has purchased yarn online. Every week I sit through the inevitable show and tell, admiring and fondling the additions to someone else's stash. I try to be good and remember that my stash, both yarn and fiber, has probably reached SABLE proportions. (SABLE is stash acquisition beyond life expectancy.) But now some of the girls are in yarn of the month clubs, receiving wonderful surprises of yarn and/or patterns each month in the mail, and it was more fiber-fun than my jealous nature could stand.

So I decided to create my own Personal Yarn Club, using patterns from my "I Want to Knit This Someday" queue and matching each with yarn from my stash. Each pattern and yarn was put into a ziplock bag with a tag letting me know the categories (sock, sweater, shawl, lace, easy-to-knit, gift, quick, long-term committment) and tools (needle size, stitch markers, etc) for that pattern. I ended up with over 60 projects ready to go. If I think of this as a monthly club, I have a 5 year subscription! 

Now that's a stash worth envying!

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