Friday, May 31, 2013

May Reading List

Books Read in May

061 - 01  The Lady Forfeits, by Carole Mortimer (5/1) 
062 - 02  Christmas with Holly, by Lisa Kleypas (5/2) 
063 - 03  Sunrise on Cedar Key, by Terri DuLong (5/4)
064 - 04  Chasing Sunsets, by Eva Marie Everson (5/5)
065 - 05  An Amish Kitchen, by Beth Wiseman (5/5)
066 - 06  The Blue-Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee, by Caroline Brown (5/6)
I was very disappointed in this book. I had heard some good things about it, and it sounded like it would be a fun read. Unfortunately, the writing was disjointed and the story did not flow easily. You could almost guess where the author had put the writing down and gone back later to pick it up and write some more. Okay, that's probably a little mean to say. But really, the only reason I didn't give up was because of the recommendation it had gotten. (I won't be taking any more book suggestions from that group!)
067 - 07 The Girls' Guide to Love and Supper Clubs, by Dana Bate (5/9)
This was a horrible book. Even worse than the one I had just finished. At least the Jalapeno Society had possibilities. In the Girls' Guide, the main character was immature (she was supposed to be 26 years old and rebelling against her parents) and dishonest. It's very difficult to enjoy a story when you don't like the heroine.
068 - 08  Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal, by grace Burrowes (5/10)
069 - 09  The Lady Gambles, by Carole Mortimer (5/12)
070 - 10  Holly and Mistletoe, by Susan Mallery (5/12)
071 - 11  True Blue, by Diana Palmer (5/13)
072 - 12  A Hand to Hold, by Kathleen Fuller (5/15)
073 - 13  Considering Kate, by Nora Roberts (5/16)
074 - 14  Against the Law, by Kat Martin (5/17)
075 - 15  The Four Corners of the Sky, by Michael Malone (5/28)
I read this as part of the The Big Library Read, which runs May 15 to June 1st. It's a surprising wonderful book - part love story, part mystery, part farce. I especially loved the doctor with all his puns.
076 - 16  Saving Hope, by Margaret Daley (5/28)

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