Sunday, March 03, 2013

February Book List

Books Read in February

015 - 01  Mr. Punumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, by Robin Sloan (2/3)
I want to be one of the Bound! This book was a recommendation from my daughter, and it is definitely worth passing the recommendation on. It's centered around the blending of paperbound books and modern technology, with a wonderfully cult-ish twist. To be truthful, I had a little trouble in the beginning and I really wondered if my daughter's and my taste had finally parted ways. But as usual, she was right on the mark because I did end up getting caught in the tale, reluctant to do anything but read the next page.
016 - 02  The Inn at Rose Harbor, by Debbie Macomber (2/7)
017 - 03  No Defense, by Kate Wilhelm (2/7) AUDIOBOOK
018 - 04  Just Breathe, by Susan Wiggs (2/8)
019 - 05  Boomerang Bride, by Fiona Lowe (2/10)
020 - 06  At Home in Stone Creek, by Linda Lael Miller (2/10)
021 - 07  Objects of My Affection, by Jill Smolinski (2/14) AUDIOBOOK
I really liked this book. Which is amazing, since I didn't like any of the characters. The characters were well-written, and their actions and dialogues were very well suited to each character; it's just that I would never consider socializing with any of them. (Is it weird that I judge a book's character by how I would interact with that character in real life?) I listened to the first chapter on my morning commute, and decided that I would have to download something else when I got home that night. But I put the book back on for the drive home, and got sucked into the story. There were even a few days that I sat in the parking lot, just so I could listen to one more chapter!
022 - 08  Elemental Magic: All New Tales of the Elemental Masters, edited by Mercedes Lackey (2/15)
023 - 09  Reached, by Ally Condie (2/17)
024 - 10  A Fool's Gold Christmas, by Susan Mallery (2/17)
025 - 11  Starters, by Lissa Price (2/20)
This was a young adult fantasy/fiction. I was disappointed. It was a pretty good story, but the ending wasn't as developed as the start of the book. 
026 - 12  The McCafferty: Randi, by Lisa Jackson (2/21)
027 - 13  Code Triage, by Candance Calvert (2/22)
028 - 14  A Lawman's Christmas: A McKettricks of Texas Novel, by Linda Lael Miller (2/22)
029 - 15  McKettricks of Texas: Tate,  by Linda Lael Miller (2/22)
030 - 16  McKettricks of Texas: Garrett,  by Linda Lael Miller (2/23)
031 - 17  Runaway Heart,  by Claudy Conn (2/25)

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