Sunday, March 25, 2012

I"m making a come-back. Finally!

Today, hopefully, is the last time I'll have to go out to access the internet. Don't get me wrong. I love spending time in the library, and having an excuse to get a latte from Starbucks. But there is only so much you can get done while sitting out in public. Especially since my wallet and my bladder will only allow so much coffee before I have to call it quits and go home. Add to that slow connections (both the library and Barnes & Noble tend to get a little crowded in the afternoon), and it's enough to make the most dedicated Geek pick up an old-fashioned pen and paper.

Tomorrow the cable guy is scheduled to come out to install the internet service in my apartment. If all goes well, by tomorrow evening I will be back to spending hours online in the comfort, and solitude, of my home. Theoretically, I should be able to sleep better since there won't be a need to consume endless lattes in order to catch up with friends and family. In reality, though, I know I'll be compulsively checking facebook and ravelry late into the night. I'm looking forward to seeing episodes of my favorite TV shows on Hulu and maybe even netflix -- something that's been missing in my cable-free apartment. I'll also get to see my of my daughter. We probably won't increase our interaction, since we'll both be caught up in the 'net, but at least I'll get to look over the top of my laptop and see her face as she stares into her computer screen across the table. (She's been hanging with the cool Starbucks nerds while I tend to sit with the bookish crowd at B&N).

I wish I could say that giving up cable and internet for six months taught me a wonderful life lesson, or allowed me to grow in wonderful ways. But it didn't. I thought I would get out and exercise more. I thought I would spend my time constructively and creatively, spinning and weaving and writing wonderfully long letters to my friends and family. At the very least, I thought I would be driven to fill the silence in the house with the sounds of cleaning and that excessive vacuuming, dusting, and washing would lead to an such an immaculate house that everyone who visited would be envious of our electronics-free status. Yeah, none of that happened.

I have a feeling that getting a home connection to the internet probably isn't going to make me an amazingly interesting and prolific blogger, or help me to improve my social life (unless having online friends is considered a social life by anyone other than the most dedicated geeky-nerds), and it almost certainly won't mean that I'll be exercising more. But maybe I'll clean the house more often, since spending more time at home will give ma chance to notice the dirt.

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