Sunday, November 06, 2011

One out of ten isn't bad. Is it?

Things I planned on doing today:
  1. Go to church
  2. Warp the small loom for towels
  3. Unpack a couple of boxes
  4. Vacuum and dust the bedroom and living room
  5. Clean the bathroom (sharing with a teenager means this task is done almost daily)
  6. Write my thank you notes and birthday greetings (I owe 6 notes)
  7. Ply a skein of yarn on the wheel
  8. Make cookies
  9. Make a loaf of bread
  10. Plan next week
What I actually did today:
  1. Went to church
  2. Tried to warp the towels, but got frustrated when the yarn tangled for the third time
  3. Gave up and went to Starbucks
And I wonder why I never manage to cross everything off my "To Do" list. Sigh.

Today's Giggle:
Overheard at Starbucks: "Hey, you know what we could get while we're here? Coffee!"

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